Deep Web Trailer Wants You to Meet the Dread Pirate Roberts

Princess Bride

Twentieth Century Fox

The deep web is fascinating – the idea that there is something subterranean to a utility we all use for far too many hours a day is thrilling, and Alex Winter has traveled into the romantic drama of that world and emerged with a documentary.

On the heels of looking at filesharing in Downloaded, Deep Web explores the online marketplace for drugs known as The Silk Road, as well as the man with the Princess Bride-evoking code name that the government believes was behind it.

The trailer for the doc is sexy. Heavy music, bold statements, the questioning of reality in a world designed to obscure identity. All of it seems to capture the organic intrigue that the illegal side of the deep web itself contains. What’s under this rock, and what happens when we lift it up?

Deep Web will hit the EPIX channel this spring, and it will join a growing wave of documentaries about technology – a trend that will only get bigger and broader. Which is great. We should continue to investigate the thing that most shapes and informs our world, and we should continue peaking into its darker corners.

My one hope is that the documentary will be as serious as it is slick.

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