‘Dead Snow 2’ Teaser: More Nazi Zombies at Sundance

Dead Snow 2

It will be a long time before I forget the evening at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival when a crowd of bloodthirsty festival-goers climbed the Main Street hill up to the Egyptian Theater for a midnight premiere of Tommy Wirkola’s Dead Snow. We were promised a snow-covered landscape soaked in blood, the carnage created by an undead Nazi brigade. In the end, the excitement never quite paid off in the form of a good movie. As I explained in my review, the first Dead Snow was somewhat of a letdown. But the concept was great, so seeing the same filmmaking team try again with Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead isn’t something that bothers me.

In late January 2014, Wirkola will travel back to Park City for another round of Nazi zombie reverie. And just as it was five years ago, I can imagine that there will be some very excited, very winded travelers drinking spiked hot cider when the opening credits roll. For now, the rest of us can enjoy this wonderfully done first trailer.

Watch the Sundance trailer for Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead below, via ShockTillYouDrop:

As you may have noticed, the sequel has added a few notable American names, including Martin Starr and Derek Mears. Most importantly though, there are zombies in SS uniforms. The film will debut at Sundance 2014 and will seek distribution for a later release from there.

Stay tuned to our Sundance 2014 coverage for more.

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