David Tennant Enrolls In ‘St. Trinians’

by David Baxter


Apparently the 2007 film St. Trinians is getting a sequel, titled St. Trinians: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold. Even bigger news is that the lead villain is soon-to-be former Doctor Who, David Tennant. BBC reports he will play Pomfrey, who I’m guessing attempts to find Fritton’s gold. Ok you got me, I haven’t seen the first in the reboot series, and more so I haven’t seen any of the originals. I’m sure I’m in good company as I don’t think it did much business your side of the pond.

I think in that respect, the Tennant casting is inspired, as he would likely bring some of the Who crowd, making it a bit more international. On the other side of the scale Sarah Harding has been cast as “a cool new schoolgirl.” This means nothing to Americans but over here she’s a part of the new Spice Girls, Girls Aloud. She is the worst one, but nonetheless. Obviously both casting decisions are motivated by the hope of bolstering the box office, which if it reaches what the first did, will be a worthy decision.

We have no confirmation as to whether Gemma Arterton or Russell Brand will be back. I’d expect not considering what they went on to, but it’s hard to say. I suppose I’d just rather they didn’t. I’m still just slightly bemused that there is a sequel that is currently filming and yet only now have I heard about it. Regardless we’ll find out whats in store for Fritton’s gold on December 18th.

What do you think? Are you in any way interested?

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