David Slade May Be the Director to Tame ‘Wolverine 2’

By  · Published on August 24th, 2010

No matter who it is that finds his way into the director’s seat for Wolverine 2, we’ll have our fingers crossed that Wolverine doesn’t get too angered by the noticeable lack of chocolate scones in crafts services and go all Snickety-Snick on everyone, leaving the entire crew in a bloodbath of Fox-funded terror.

You didn’t know they were using the real Wolverine instead of an actor? It’s going to surprise everyone, we think.

The real challenge for anyone in the director’s seat is pulling the franchise out of the quality gutter that it finds itself in. Rumors are circulating that the production may have found just that – a talent that took another series from appallingly bad to mildly annoying in one fell swoop.

The fine folks over at Vulture (via Hitfix) are reporting that David Slade is at the top of the list, with Hugh Jackman having the final say-so. The other name on the list is Robert Schwentke – the man at the helm of mediocre thriller Flightplan.

At first glance, it might seem that Slade is the best choice simply because he’s delivered on the indie front and, now, on the blockbuster front with a killer take for Twilight: Eclipse, but the truth is that the name screen printed on the back of a folding chair is going to matter less than the name FOX printed on everything else.

Whoever gets the job, the real battle will be with the studio and not the subject material.

Plus the battle to get more chocolate scones.

That subject material, thankfully, includes a story of Logan in Japan as inspired by the phenomenal Claremont/Miller team up for the comic book done in the early 80s. Forbidden love, samurai, adamantium. It’s a great story, and it will serve as a great start. But…so did the Weapon X storyline.

What do you think of the directing choice?

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