David O. Russell and Mark Wahlberg May Re-Team For Scripted Version of ‘Cocaine Cowboys’

But first they are probably going to work on a project called Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, which is apparently a video game adaptation. If both of these films end up getting made, the Wahlberg and Russell team is going to start looking like one of those important Hollywood power duos. They might have to challenge Scorcese and DiCaprio to a three-legged race. I’m not so interested in video game movies, but I’m ready and willing to be surprised, and Russell seemed to be enthusiastic about Uncharted when talking to The Playlist. He said, “I’m really digging it, I think the story’s coming together in a really intense, cool way …” That’s all well and good, and I hope it turns out great, but the project I’m instantly interested in is Cocaine Cowboys.

It will be a dramatization of a 2006 documentary of the same name that was about the ins and outs of the Miami drug scene of the 80s. The doc, directed by Billy Corben, was a pretty interesting watch. It had turf wars, illegal plane flights to Columbia, secret boat rendezvous off the coast, a hitman that talked like Benicio Del Toro, and an evil kingpin lady who chops everyone up into little pieces. Plus it’s one of those classic, “hey look at all this coke, money, and girls; everything in the world is perfect right now and nothing could possibly go wrong” stories. If Boogie Nights taught us anything, it’s that Wahlberg is at his very best when he is playing coked up and stupid. And he’s also pretty good at being a crying baby when everything crashes down around him. If you set David O. Russell loose with this sort of material you could really have something. Imagine him putting his stamp on all of the crazy violence, a period setting, multiple cinematic locals: sounds great to me. I’m feeling pretty starved for a good R rated crime movie, and this may be just what the Dr. ordered. Now let’s see if we can get the real Benicio to sign on as the hitman and Bale to sign on as the curly mulleted pilot, then I will jump for joy.

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