David Hasselhoff Brings the Heat to Beverly Hills Ninja 2

We can’t make this stuff up — seriously. Variety is reporting today that David Hasselhoff and High School Musical’s Lucas Grabeel will headline Beverly Hills Ninja 2 for Sony Pictures Entertainment and ATM Motionwide, set to begin shooting on October 6th in South Korea. The film, which is being directed by Dennis Dugan, who directed the original Beverly Hills Ninja in 1997 with Chris Farley in the title role, will follow an orphaned boy who wants to be a ninja but becomes involved in a crime in Hollywood while looking for his real parents.

And as the fine folks at JoBlo have pointed out, the story only gets better. Hasselhoff’s character, who is described as an evil action movie superstar, is named Ansel LaDouche. Again, I will remind you that I am not making any of this up.

Ninja 2 will apparently have very little to do with the first film, which could be seen as a good thing, as the first film wasn’t much to shake your funny bone at. Then again, if the Hoff is on board, there is always potential. Or not.

Will you be following the production of Beverly Hills Ninja 2 as closely as we will, now that you know that Hasselhoff is involved?

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