Darren Lynn Bousman Celebrating ‘Mother’s Day’ Early

by Bethany Perryman

Darren Lynn Bousman (director Saw IV and Repo! The Genetic Opera) debuted via Twitter the first official image (seen above) of his horror-thriller film remake, Mother’s Day. Also found on the net today is a short, ADD-style behind-the-scenes peek. Best moment of the video? Bousman showing off a text message and saying, “Quote of the day from Jamie King: ‘Oh my God, you seriously just dragged my ass!’”. That’s better than the quote of the day here at Reject HQ, which was Dr. Cole Abaius saying, “Hey guys, the apartment’s on fire.” (Everything’s okay now. Worry not.)

Mother’s Day is a Charles Kaufman directed exploitation piece from 1980, about three women terrorized by two guys who will do anything to impress their mother – including rape, torture, and murder. That’s an Oedipus complex that not even Freud would touch. Well played, Bousman. The Mother’s Day remake is currently filming in Canada. Have a look at the video below, courtesy of IGN.

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