Dark Sky Creates Fantastic Retro Packaging for Ti West’s ‘The Innkeepers’

If you’re not familiar with Ti West by know, you really should be. This up and coming genre director really blew the doors off with his 80s horror homage The House of the Devil and his latest film The Innkeepers is another great example of his directing style, building tension slowly but surely to a fever pitch before letting it all boil over in spectacular fashion. For his first effort, Dark Sky went along with that love letter to the 80s by creating a special clamshell VHS version of The House of the Devil which was sold via Amazon in combo packs with the DVD or Blu-ray. I am a proud owner of one of those VHS editions.

With the home video release of The Innkeepers hitting, Dark Sky has done it again, this time creating a vinyl-style gatefold edition of the Blu-ray, that is, in a word, gorgeous. However, this time they’ve done a super limited run of only 400 copies, none of which are for sale. So how did you get your grubby hands on a copy? Why the magic of internet movie sites, that’s how!

We here at Film School Rejects are giving away 2 copies of the awesome gatefold version signed by director Ti West, 1 poster signed by West along with stars Pat Healy and Sara Paxton, and 5 copies of the standard def DVD. You can check out all the details about how to sign up for our contest here.

Packaging aside, The Innkeepers is a flat out great horror film. While it’s not trying to come across like a film made in the 80s like The House of the Devil was, it still has a nice retro aesthetic. It’s a fantastic haunted house style movie with great atmosphere and tension that ramps up to a chilling finale. Amazon has the Blu-ray version listed at a steep discount for it’s release tomorrow and it’s totally worth buying a copy if you aren’t able to win one of the special editions.

With these two awesome packages made by Dark Sky specifically for Ti West films, you h

ave to wonder what kind of special edition his next film might see. Betamax? VideoCD? CED? Personally I’d love to see a fully working LaserDisc copy of his next film, though it may not even be possible to press new LaserDiscs these days. We’ll just have to wait and see what the good folks at Dark Sky might have up their sleeve.

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