Dark Knight Casting News and then some…

One of the films that everyone seems to be all over is Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. And why not, it is going to be the film of 2008 and they have only just begun shooting. Some have even speculated that it will be the Most Spied Movie Production in History. Oh yeah, that was me.

I digress. Freeze Dried Movies tipped us off to how actor/rapper David Banner is in talks to play a villain named Gamble. Here is the description:

“Apparently he will play alongside The Joker in the movie and attempt to bring down Batman in the usual bad guy style. I’m a comic book man and Batman just happens to be my childhood favorite, so let me tell you that Gamble is not in the DC Comic universe at any point. That being said one must assume that the character is being made specifically for the movie and nothing more, thus hopefully just making him the right side henchman to Ledger’s Joker.”

Also, Variety confirmed that both Nestor Carbonell (“Smoking Aces”) has joined the TDK cast as the mayor of Gotham City. Carbonell can also be remembered from “Lost.”

And now, the cool TDK news of the day. To follow up with the semi-anticlimactic website launch of last week, the folks at Warner Brothers have decided to launch a second site and give us a look at Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent. The site contains a single image, which can be viewed below.

Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight
Just click the picture to visit the site.

As always, we will have more TDK news to come…