Dan Fogelman Has Another Project Lined Up, Possibly With Pacino

Writer Dan Fogelman is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in Hollywood. He started his career strong by penning hugely successful animated film like Cars and Tangled, and recently he has upped his game by getting a lot of live action projects going. He has written a script for the Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand road trip comedy My Mother’s Curse, he made big money selling the script Crazy, Stupid, Love which is becoming a Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling comedy, and recently he even sold a script for a political comedy with Tom Cruise attached to star. That’s a lot of successful screenwriting he’s got going on. But, not content with just being a titan in the writing game, Fogelman is now looking to get his directorial debut together.

The film will be called Imagine, and it’s about one of those old guy rockers who’s still hanging on to the lifestyle, but who wants to become a better person. In this film the catalyst for change is a letter from John Lennon that was sent 40 years earlier but never successfully delivered until recently. Whatever Lennon says in that letter sets the protagonist off on a path that leads to him reconnecting with an estranged son. Originally, Steve Carell was going to play the adult son, but he has had to drop out of the project in an acting capacity due to being Steve Carell. He’s a busy man.

Someone who may be able to fit this film into his schedule, however, is Al Pacino, and 24 Frames is reporting that an offer has been sent his way and negotiations are ongoing for him to step into the lead role as the aging rocker. It’s been a couple years since we’ve seen Pacino up on the big screen, and despite the fact that he doesn’t always choose the best projects under the sun, I think I’ve started to miss his screaming and growling. Hopefully this one will work out and give him something to really sink his teeth into.

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