Damon, Brolin Complete Window Dressing for ‘True Grit’

By  · Published on October 27th, 2009

I have never hid my ire for the idea of a True Grit remake even though I’m generally not against remakes, and I’m also generally not against remakes who cling closer to the source material. For whatever reason – the classic status of John Wayne’s best performance, the gravity of the film, my enthusiasm for eye patches – I couldn’t get behind the movie. Even with the Coen Brothers behind the camera.

I’m slowly getting there, and having talent like Matt Damon (you know you read that in the Team America voice) and Josh Brolin certainly help. Hell, the whole film journalism world is lit up at the casting of these two heavy hitters who’ll be joining Jeff Bridges on the trail.

Now, the only question that remains is which one will play Mattie, the young girl heading into treacherous Indian Territory seeking revenge for the murder of her father.

My vote is for Damon.

Unfortunately, I don’t get a vote, and according to Variety, Damon is set to play La Beouf, the tin star that helps Rooster and Mattie while Brolin is set to play the killer Tom Chaney. Thanks for the spoiler alert.

Hopefully Damon soaked up some Western mentality through osmosis while acting for Clint Eastwood in Invictus and Brolin picked up on the cowboy mentality while playing George W. Bush.

The reason I’m not fully excited is that this movie hinges, absolutely, completely, totally hinges on who they pick to play Mattie. Setting aside the fact that child actors are usually atrocious, the movie’s heart lies with Mattie. They can have all the acting talent in the world behind eye patches and six-shooters, but without a solid female lead, the movie just won’t work.

But these two names definitely help.

What say you?

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