Damn It Janet: Sarandon to Join ‘Wall Street 2’

By  · Published on August 26th, 2009

In news that should all of you doing The Time Warp again (and, yes, I plan on dancing the time warp during The Lovely Bones), Susan Sarandon is in final talk to join on as Shia Lebeouf’s character’s mother in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps or Die Tryin’.

According to Variety, the veteran actress would play a role that finds her as Shia’s mother (something that Julie White has done masterfully in the Transformers movies). She’d also be smarmed and placed under the influence of Gordon Gekko. But who wouldn’t? That guy made me sell my house and invest in Bernie Madoff. He’s persuasive. And his hair is so slick!

The production rolls cameras next month, and Sarandon is already doing a few other projects, but I can’t see her character being in a ton of scenes so the scheduling looks all clear.

Realizing fully that Michael Douglas is a fantastic actor, this is the casting news that makes me believe that this film could be more than just a meaningless cash-grabbing sequel. If it’s attracting some serious caliber acting, then maybe the script and the production could stand on its own as a really great movie that looks deep into the soul of Wall Street for a new era.

Or it will have Shia running in a suit yelling ‘No!’ repeatedly.

Either way.

What dost thou think mortals?

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