Damian Lewis Gets Action in ‘Man Is Wolf to Man’

Over the weekend, I sat down for the 10-hour marathon that is Band of Brothers for an upcoming edition of For Science. And while I’m not here to write about that just yet, I will say that I was once again driven to madness by the superb acting of Damian Lewis. Between BoB and his role on Life, I wouldn’t hesitate to call him one of the most dynamic gingers in the business. He’s like the red-headed Hugh Laurie.

That said, it’s exciting to see him getting more work in the action realm. THR is reporting this morning that a deal has been struck at Cannes for Lewis to star in Man Is Wolf to Man, an oddly titled action-thriller inspired by true events. According to the trade, the film “is set in French Guyana in 1934. A group of foreign prisoners escape from a penal colony only to be tracked down by a ruthless bounty hunter.” Finnish actress Pihla Viitala (pictured above, for reference) will join him on the project, which will be directed by British brothers Dominic and Lee Santana.

The Santana brothers are also lining up the romantic drama Coronet as producers, which will star Ralph Fiennes and Olga Kurylenko. They are known for their work in short films, many of which have appeared on British television. Man Is Wolf to Man will be their directorial debut.

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