I Dairy You To Watch This Milk In Movies Supercut

By  · Published on November 7th, 2017

This supercut milks its gag until the last drop.

Milk, in all its pure white smoothness, is a strange and revealing drink to be consumed during a film. It can convey creepiness, youthfulness, innocence, or old-fashionedness. Sipping cow juice brings as many connotations as a gruff dad chugging a beer in the middle of the day or an athlete’s addiction to protein shakes.

But milk’s striking visual uniqueness gives it a star position out of all non-alcoholic beverages. Cut together by an enigmatic pub quiz competitor named Elisa, this milk-drinking montage brings these characters and their milk together for close examination, allowing us to unpack all that is contained in that 2%.

Plus, it’s just amoo-sing to watch character after character gulp down a big thing of milk.

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