Daily Diversion: A Triple Dose of Adventureland

Here’s a little Daily Diversion, Sundance style. Since I’m kickin’ it old school — 1987 style — in my Ghostbusters backpack around our Park City condo, I thought I would share a trailer and two clips for the Sundance premiere Adventureland, written and directed by Superbad’s Greg Mattola. This period comedy (80s baby!) made it onto my list of the 13 Movies You Should Be Excited to See at Sundance 2009, and it is one of the films that I will be seeing here in Park City as soon as possible. Above you will see the trailer. Below we have two brand new clips that were released this week. Check them out, let me know what you think. For more cool videos, check out The Daily Diversion archive. If you’d like to send us a video, please feel free to drop it off to editors@filmschoolrejects.com.

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