CW Gives Gossip Girl Spinoff the Kiss-Off

by Michelle Graham


Well, it’s official. The Gossip Girl spin off, Valley Girl/Lily, is dead in the water with no hope of revival any time soon. According to Variety, Dawn Ostroff, the CW’s entertainment president, has stated that the concept of spinning right round back to the 80s is no longer in the running for a mid-season pickup. She also dismissed the idea of “The It Girl” ‐ the spin off series from the original Gossip Girl book series ‐ being picked up as a spin off but made it very clear that the network is open to other spin off approaches.

“If [executive producers] Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage would be open to it, of course we’d be open to it. There is a spin off actually of the book series which is called “The It Girl”, and we’ve explored that with them. It’s been harder to find how you make that a world that’s well-rounded enough for us, because it takes place at a boarding school, and it’s very insular.”

Based on my limited knowledge of the book series, this is a good thing as this series follows Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) off on her own little adventure at private school. Given the highs and lows we saw from the past season, it’s probably best that that particular character doesn’t get her own series. It’s possible that it could cause riots and a trend for far too much eye make-up.

As for the loss of the original spin off, what we saw in that nifty little backdoor pilot last season did have some promise, so it’s sad to hear that the story won’t be picked up. It could be “Veronica Mars” fan-bias, but the combination of actors chosen for the 80s portion of the episode were solid. Unfortunately the episode itself didn’t work so well, but that’s a whole other story. So, as we say “xoxo” to the 80s fashion and the bad bad bad hair and make up, pause for a moment and think of what might have been. This time next year, every female tween could have been sporting a puffball skirt, Madonna-esque rubber bracelets, big hair and blue eyeshadow! Perhaps this decision is a blessing in disguise…

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