‘Curse of Chucky’ Trailer Aims to Put the Horror Back Into Playtime With Chucky


Let’s cut to the chase here. A trailer for a new Chucky movie has been released, so your daily to-do list just got shredded and your number one priority is now to drop everything else and watch it. All you need to know: the film is called Curse of Chucky, it’s acting as a reboot of the Child’s Play franchise that strips away all of the Meta humor that creeped into the last few films in order to go for real scares again, and it’s got Brad Dourif back as the voice of the ginger-haired Good Guy doll.

Click through to watch an oblivious little girl and her doomed aunt experiencing all of the torturous murder and mayhem that comes from letting a creepy little plastic man with a blank-faced grin and disturbing little overalls into their home.

Curse of Chucky is set to be released straight to DVD, Blu-Ray, and VOD on October 8, so it should be hitting just around the time Halloween is approaching and you start wanting to binge-watch horror movies every day. Is the fact that it’s not getting a theatrical release a warning sign that it’s probably not going to be worth your time, and you should skip it? Don’t be silly. None of the other Child’s Play sequels belonged anywhere near a theatrical release either, and they were still totally awesome.

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