Cult Classic To Be Given The MTV Treatment

Any weekend in this country you can travel to specific movie theaters in roughly every state and see a grown man wearing a dominatrix outfit. He will be sporting ruby red lipstick and be standing next to a man that will probably be dressed similarly. Both these men will respond to the name Frank-N-Furter, as someone passing by asking for a picture. Every weekend in this country people revisit Jim Sharman’s 1975 classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight. This has happened since the ’70s and will thrive will beyond the 00’s. MTV, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to remake Rocky Horror. Why? I don’t know.

Executive Producer of the original, Lou Adler, is prepping the film to be done by Fox Television Studios in conjunction with MTV and BermanBraum, as well as partnering with BSkyB and Sky Movies to help get the project of the ground in other countries as well. No director or stars have been signed on, but it is known that the MTV version will use the same script with a few more songs added in. MTV hopes to make this an event for cable network’s Halloween 2009 festivities.

So… No changes to the script and it’s going to be made-for-TV. What is the point of this again?

Question for everybody involved: How do you remake a cult classic? This question has always boggled my mind simply because you should NEVER remake cult classics. Particularly because cult classics happen by mistake. Granted, I know Hollywood remakes everything nowadays, but this isn’t even Hollywood–it’s television. It’s MTV. If they’re using the same script then whats the point? Don’t people line up outside movie theaters dressed up in leather chaps because this movie still holds water today? When it appears on VH1 all the time don’t you stop and take in Tim Curry’s androgynous majesty and behold Meat Loaf’s thunderous entrance?

I’m not even a fan of the movie, but I can still see how utterly wrong wrong wrong it would be to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show? It’s a delicacy–lame, bizarre, and hilariously acted–it cannot possibly be topped, because “cult” status is something that few movies can truly achieve. Now, if they were going to try to re-imagine the story in any way it MIGHT be worth doing, kind of like how Tim Burton “re-imagined” Willy Wonka. But they aren’t–this is Gus Van Sant’s Psycho all over, and it’s not even ambitious enough to aim for the big screen!

I mean what’s next? Does the Sci-Fi Channel take on Evil Dead? Does Disney make a peppy version of Heathers starring Miley Cyrus? There should be a rule about remakes, and this rules applies to most anything–be it sports, business, or travel–go big or go home. Somewhere there’s a Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania rolling over in his-her grave.

How does a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show make you feel?

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