CSI: Miami – Season 5

CSI: Miami Season 5 is now on DVD – YYYYEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! We won’t get fooled again! Haha, oh me. If you’re a fan of the series, or at least David Caruso, you get the joke. Nearly every episode opens with Horatio Caine spouting off a sweet one-liner from behind dark glasses before the the rock starts.

This is a show you know when you see it. There aren’t many shows that look like this, despite a plethora of shows being, more or less, similar in content. Hell, there are two other shows that have “CSI” in the title, and there’s NCIS, Law & Order etc, etc. There are many versions of the detective show, but CSI: Miami manages to separate itself from the crowd with ultra slick visuals, stunning cinematography, and a color palette that paints itself across your television show.

As I’m sure you’re familiar with how the show shakes down. Some bad dudes do some bad things and then Horatio Caine shows up, makes a witty observation, and then either puts his sunglasses on or takes them off while delivering the punch line. Cue up some grizzly autopsy scenes, super intelligent investigators, and lots of gun pointing and you’ve got yourself an episode. This set contains all 24 episodes of the 5th season, which includes the episode Rio, which was a big kickoff to the season and much hyped. Filmed on location in Rio, the episode looks great and has its share of action, though personally, the knife fight was almost laughable. But again, the show looked fantastic! People are fans of this show for a variety of reasons. Me personally, I enjoy David Caruso as an actor and love the Horatio character. His one-liners break me up and his sour disposition towards criminals makes my body all warm and tingly. That particular episode also gets its own extra about actually going down to Rio and the challenges that faced the production there.

The season had some definite highs and some interesting twists ranging from scalpings to burnings to grizzly bear attacks. Righteous, I know. If you’re a fan of CSI: Miami in particular, or any of the CSIs and procedural shows, this DVD set won’t disappoint. The shows are entertaining at the least, the look is great, the presentation is good, and the story lines are interesting. The one-liners keep flowing and the camera keeps jostling as well, so if you’re not a fan of the show, these episodes probably won’t win you over, but they are worth a view if you’re interested at all.

The extras on the disc are pretty interesting and informative. First off, there are 5 audio commentaries for 5 different episodes. I personally don’t generally enjoy commentaries, but they’re there for you if that’s your bag. The rest of the extras are, somewhat annoyingly, spread out across all the discs, instead of having one extras disc. A touch annoying to dance around them. But once you find them, they’re enjoyable. Turning Up the Heat: The Look of CSI Miami is a very in depth look into creating the unique look of the show that was very interesting and very informative, even with its short run time. Along the same style lines, we get another featurette, Dressing the Part, and as anyone who has seen the show knows, clothes make the men. Rounding out the rest of the extras are If Looks Could Kill: Special F/X Makeup and The Real MDPD with Jonathan Togo.

Visually, as expected, the disc looks fantastic. It’s presented in Widescreen format, which is always a good thing. The image is crisp and clear and the look of the show really comes through beautifully. I don’t think anyone could even try to deny the show looks fantastic, regardless of how you feel about it otherwise. On the sound side of things we get a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound mix which comes across crystal clear for the latino pumping beats of the soundtrack. The DVD art is nice and shiny with our man David Caruso on the front in shades and even comes with a cute little “Crime Scene Do Not Cross” paper wrap. If you’re a fan of CSI: Miami you probably couldn’t ask for much more on this set.

So for the casual viewer, plunking down the change might not be worth it, but for the fans the DVD set is well produced and put together solidly. The episodes are enjoyable and have a lot of interesting takes, twists, and turns. So grab your magnifying glass and your motion sickness pills, because this frenetic crowd pleaser is sure to be a hit on DVD. All in all, a fine set, but nothing too groundbreaking.

Grade: B

Release Date: October 30, 2007
Rated: Not Rated
Number of Discs: 6
Cast: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Sofia Milos
Director: Various
Studio: Paramount Home Video
Buy: Amazon.com

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