‘Cropsey’ Trailer Makes Your Urban Legend Come True

I didn’t get to see Cropsey when it hit Fantastic Fest hard last year, but the word from everyone coming out of the theater was that it was a fantastic documentary that both frightened and illuminated.

Now, according to the dashing Peter Hall over at Horror Squad, the film is getting a limited theatrical run this Summer.

It has some stiff competition with a strong bill of films blockbustering their way through mid-June and July, but if you’re near New York City, Massachusetts (it’s tiny, you can drive), Shreveport, Denver, Austin, or Los Angeles, seek out the closest theater near you over at Fangoria.

The film is a documentary focusing on the urban legend of Cropsey, the supposed escape mental patient who grabbed children off the street. We all had that story growing up – a boogeyman that would get us when we were bad. Not all of us had to face the reality of it:

Cropsey was directed by Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio.

What do you think?

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