Criminal Susan Sarandon Will Ruin Michelle Monaghan’s Life in Paranoia Thriller ‘Still of Night’

By  · Published on May 19th, 2012

It’s not every day that press releases are issued that refer to Susan Sarandon as a “devious criminal,” but that’s where we’re at when it comes to Jonathan Mostow’s Still of Night, a project that sounds compelling just by virtue of those two little words. News from Cannes (duh) reports that Exclusive Media will finance and produce the new thriller, which will see Sarandon’s criminal character making life really hard for Michelle Monaghan, who will portray a woman with more than enough trouble on her plate already.

Mostow (Terminator 3, U-571, Surrogates) has penned the script himself, which is described (quite effusively) as “a paranoia thriller that builds to a pulse-pounding crescendo, Still of Night is a smart, stylish ride packed with shocking twists that will give you nightmares ‐ because it could actually happen to you.” What? What, really? No! Tell me more!

The film’s synopsis reads: “Katie Tyler (Michelle Monaghan) is an aspiring career woman with everything finally falling into place…until her sister Gwen disappears. Fully aware of Gwen’s tainted past and suddenly left to take care of her young daughter, Katie sets out determined to bring her back. But as she traces Gwen’s last whereabouts, Katie begins to suspect foul play, and soon finds herself tangled in the midst of a dangerous conspiracy with cruel and inhumane consequences. Trapped and running out of time, Katie must outwit a devious criminal (Susan Sarandon) to save herself and her sister ‐ before it’s too late.” Well, I don’t have a sister and Susan Sarandon isn’t actually a devious criminal, so while I don’t think this could actually happen to me!!!, it still sounds like a worthy effort.

Shooting is set to start in August. [Press Release]