Could Patty Jenkins Direct ‘Thor 2’?

By  · Published on September 22nd, 2011

Sure! Maybe! At this point, it’s within the realm of possibility that anyone could direct Thor 2. It’s not probable, but it is possible. Deadline Zuni reports that Marvel Studios are “getting close” to picking a director for the sequel to the superhero flick starring Chris Hemsworth. With a set July 26, 2013 release date, the studio really just needs to drop the hammer (meow-meow!) and pick a helmer. And the Deadline-rs seem to believe that the studio might be looking in to go in a new and unexpected direction – with Monster director Patty Jenkins.

Jenkins directed Charlize Theron to her Oscar for Monster, but has kept a relatively low profile since – directing episodes of television programs instead of jumping back into the feature world, including work on Arrested Development, Entourage, and The Killing. She’s a talented director who should certainly be doing more feature work, but it remains to be seen if she’d be up for (or even right) for this sort of film.

If Jenkins does get the job (and Marvel is said to be “pretty serious” about her), she would be only the second female director to helm a Marvel property (the only other is Lexi Alexander, who directed Punisher: War Zone in 2008). Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how this supposed scoop pans out, but it’s certainly an interesting possible choice to think about.

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