‘Contracted’ Trailer: STDs and Zombies, Together at Last


As if we didn’t have enough things to be paranoid about today, we can now add STD zombie outbreak to the mix thanks to Eric England’s Contracted. No longer satisfied with having victims being bitten by the zombie or releasing a contagion in the air that infects a whole nation, the zombie has to be created in a more salacious manner. Hey, it was only a matter of time.

Samantha (Najarra Townsend) is a party girl who gets fed drinks at a house party and coerced into sex with a sinister stranger. When she awakes the next day, she’s sick, disoriented, and has the inklings that something’s wrong, but chalks it up to an STD. That is, until her hair and teeth start falling out, her eyes bug out of her head and her flesh begins rotting. Those might be maggots writhing on the floor but I was too busy avowing chastity to get a close look.

Check out the trailer here:

The flick has the potential to be a solid horror entry, but anything that lends itself to a cautionary tale might wind up on the cheesy side. The overbearing mother constantly asking her what’s wrong – even before the zombie infection, which is great – is definitely going to get the axe first.

I do have a problem with the cautionary premise, in that Samantha clearly told the guy to stop while they were having sex in the car after the party. How is the zombie STD her “fatal mistake?”

Contracted is in limited theaters November 22nd.

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