‘Contraband’ Trailer Introduces the Concept of Duct Tape Bandit Masks

The first trailer for Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming team-up with Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur, Contraband, has hit, and it packs just about every action movie trope that you can think of into two and a half minutes.

First off, Wahlberg plays a former criminal, who “got out of the life” and started a family. Then there’s the matter of a trouble-making brother (or in this case brother-in-law) who does something stupid and draws the protagonist back into doing “one last job.” We get the development of the wife and family being kidnapped, and even a Mexican stand-off with everybody pointing guns at each other. Pretty much this movie has everything an action fan could want. Check out the first trailer after the break.

Well, depending on your point of view, you might think that instead of having everything, Contraband just looks like it’s offering up all the same old tricks ‐ allof the tired action movie cliches. Yeah, I can see that point of view; but you have to admit that the cast at least looks intriguing. Supporting Wahlberg, we’ve got a sleazy-looking Giovanni Ribisi doing some kind of weird accent, Kate Beckinsale slinking around in little outfits, Ben Foster bringing his always-welcome tough guy routine, and most importantly, a mustachioed J.K. Simmons playing some kind of boat captain. That’s enough to get me to check out a movie right there. All of the high stakes smuggling operations and gunplay is just the icing on the cake.

What say you, does this one look like action-packed comfort food, or just a generic bore?

Contraband opens on January 13, 2012. [Yahoo! Movies]

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