Contest: Travel the Tattoo Highway, Get Free Things

We’re in a very giving mood this weekend and wanted to hook you guys up with some more stuff.  Why beat around the bush anymore than I have to?  We got some cool goodies from the new A&E show Tattoo Highway which, as you might be able to guess, features a guy traveling around America doing his ink thing.  That guy just so happens to be Thomas Pendelton of Inked fame and he’ll be hitting up cities in his pimped out mobile tattoo parlor.

How about you take a gander at this monkey-copy and get an idea of what were working with.

Tattoo Highway follows 15-year tattoo veteran and star of former A&E hit “Inked,” Thomas Pendelton as he takes his tattoo parlor on the road to cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Salt Lake City to transform personal stories into living art. Pendelton and his business partner and wife Monica have transformed a 1970s tour bus into a tattoo parlor on wheels, featuring a swanky interior and top-of-the-line tattooing equipment. It’s a tattoo shop that can tattoo anyone, anywhere. Ride along as emotional limits and friendships are challenged and the persistent mechanical problems of a vintage bus are tested on the road, as “Tattoo Highway” proves to be one bumpy ride.  Tattoo Highway airs Wednesday nights at 10/9C on A&E!

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Tattoo Highway Prize Package Includes:

  • Tattoo Highway Cooler with built-in iPod speakers
  • Tattoo Highway iPod Skin
  • Tattoo Highway Aluminum Water Bottle
  • Tattoo Highway Tank

Sounds like some pretty righteous gear to me.  If you’re into the tattoo scene or just want some cool new stuff, you know the deal – comment below!

Describe the ultimate fanboy tattoo that you wouldn’t mind permanently etched into your body.

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