Contest: Ask Will Ferrell a Question! Win a Poster!

Next week Will Ferrell’s “Get Funny or Die” comedy show bandwagon will roll onto the campus of The Ohio State University, which just so happens to be near the HQ of Film School Rejects. And as the afro-puffed comedy titan Will Ferrell prepares to take the stage in front of the rowdiest campus in the nation, he will be in the crosshairs of yours truly and my Fat Guys at the Movies co-host Kevin Carr, answering questions about his upcoming flick Semi-Pro.

The only problem is that we don’t really know what to ask him. Well, at least we are sure we could figure something out, but we know it would be more fun if we let you come up with a few questions. At least then we are sure to not end up being “that guy”. You know the one: “You remember that one movie, where you played the anchorman and you were in a glass case of emotion? … That was awesome!”

So here is the deal. Use the form below to submit your questions to Will Ferrell. Questions should be somehow related to the comedy tour, his upcoming film or be otherwise entertaining. Hurry though, questions need to be submitted by Wednesday February 6 at 12pm EST. We will select the 1-3 most interesting and otherwise humorous questions and use them during our sit-down with the man himself.

Should we select your question and use it during the interview, we will also hook you up with the following piece of schwag from the film. A Semi-Pro movie poster. Check it out below:

Again, for those not paying attention, use the form below to submit your question.

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