Concept Art Shows The Lost World of ‘Avatar’


Pretty soon, we’ll need to write a giant explanation about why everyone and their grandmother (hi grandma!) cares so damned much about Avatar. The simple reason for now is that it’s a James Cameron film. The more complex reason involves a history dating back to when Cameron was thinking about directing a Spider-Man movie. At least that’s a shallow look at why a whole host of website runners would slip on their own drool while seeing a grainy, partial photo of what looks like a blurry carburetor.

Luckily, now we can see what the whole carburetor looks like. Or at least what it’s conceptually supposed to look like.

The folks over at MarketSaw snagged two pieces of concept art from the film, one of them showing off the entire Power Suit and another futuristic flying machine that might be the DRAGON gunship.

Check them out and report back:



Maybe it’s the style of drawing or the subject matter, but it’s difficult to get away from the Pre-historic look of everything. It’s a lush green, paradise-looking sort of world – one that Brendan Connelly over at /Film aptly compares to the jungle world of King Kong.

Still, it’s really hard to get a good idea of what the film is ultimately going to look like since so much of it is being done on the green screen, and since this is just concept art. Beautiful concept art. But still concept art.

We will continue our randomly obligated obsession over every little Avatar detail until the film comes out. So don’t worry about missing even the most minute of updates. If James Cameron sneezes, we’ll probably have to write about it.

What do you think?

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