Comic-Con in Photos


A tour of the San Diego Comic-Con Experience.

By Robert Fure

Whoever said “A picture is worth a thousand words” clearly had never been to San Diego Comic-Con. For one, the convention didn’t exist when the saying originated, and for two (that’s a phrase, look it up), a single picture from Comic-Con is worth several thousand words, some of them fictional, some of them derogatory, and plenty of them just plain struggling to explain what’s going on.

As I spent two days traveling through the main exhibition hall, weaseling my way between Wonder Women, hurrying past Hulks (including Lou Ferrigno), and generally just jostling past Juggernauts, I tried to capture the floor not as a journalist, not as a photographer hungry for scantily clad Cosplayers, but as a fan caught up in the hustle and bustle of this Nerd Haven.

These photos, culled from more than 200, represent a Nerd’s Eye view of the exhibition hall, my way of bringing you, the person who got booted out of the reservation system or couldn’t afford the soul crushing, bank destroying cost of 4 nights in a hotel in San Diego, right to the floor. Whether it’s checking out cool new movie memorabilia, getting stuck in a crowd behind a gassy Galactus or a vacationing Deadpool, you can feel the floor below.

As a seven year veteran of the convention, I’ve experienced the highs and the lows. I’ve fought through Hall H, battled in Ballroom 20, and blown a week’s pay on the floor, and I’d do it all again. There’s plenty to say about San Diego Comic-Con, so let’s let these pictures do the talking.

A graffiti inspired Batsuit

Spider-Man Cosplayer complete with webbing backpack.

An Oculus Rift Immersive Experience

Those are bikinis for your cellular devices, presumably to keep stuff out of your phone’s butt.

WETA’s Gigantic Smaug


A nearly full-sized Rocket Raccon infront of toy standee’s for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Judge Death from the 2000AD Booth.

Ben Affleck’s Angry Bat Cowl on Display.

Rocket and Groot in Lego Form.

Tony’s Toy Collection in Toy Collection Form.

Sideshow Collectibles has made it slightly less weird to masturbate to the Predator franchise.

Well Endowed Super Heroines.

Behind the Scenes at Marvel’s Cosplay Feature. That’s the brand new female Thor in the middle of the frame.

Behind the Scenes with Marvel Cosplayers Preparing to Go On Stage.

An Iron Man double prepares to go on stage.

Cosplayers compare notes before going on stage.

The infamous Warhammer – pictures do not do it justice, as it must be 5 feet long.

Shredder in Lego Form.

Rocket Raccoon merchandise dominates the exhibition floor.

When the cast of Arrow stops to sign, the crowd goes nuts.

And when the crowd goes nuts, this guy yells at you to keep moving.

A Member of The Walking Dead, safely behind a steel cage.

Or maybe not so safely.

“Umm, excuse me, what line is this for?”

Man and Man’s Own Best Friend.

One of the highlights of my experience was Dark Helmet shouting “Keep shooting, assholes!” at a row of photographers.

Every year one photograph captures the entire SDCC experience in one image. For me, this is that image: Vacationing Deadpool walking hand in hand with female Boba Fett.

So that’s how Spidey sticks to walls – via Lego.

There’s something for everyone at Con.

It beings, but never ends.

The Infamous H.

Female Cosplayers pose with their favorite Heroes in a Half Shell.

Veteran Captain America showing Baby Thor the ropes.

A male fan appreciating some of SDCC’s stranger offerings – a They Live inspired Wonder Woman.

Actor Michael Douglas visits the con floor.

Just Cosplayin’ around.

Zelda themed Cosplayers and one guy Cosplaying as Event Security.

The Odinsons.

This Guy was Cosplaying as “Overly Professional Photographer.”

The Headless Horsemen welcoming guests to the Sleepy Hollow portion of the SDCC Interactive Zone.

The Million Mutant March includes Deadpool, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Man, among others.

A Future Fan’s First Con, Flanked by Heroes.

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