Comic-Con 2012: Saturday in Pictures!

By  · Published on July 15th, 2012

Comic-Con 2012: Saturday in Pictures! New Iron Man Suit! Jem! My Little Pony! And So Many Comic Books!

There is no such thing as allowing “too much time” for your line-waiting needs at Comic-Con. A newbie to the ‘con, I learned that the hard way; four and a half hours and one brutal sunburn (oddly, only on one half of my body) later, I jumped the Hall H line ship to walk around the Convention Center, San Diego’s beautfiul Gaslamp District, and the exhibition floor to bring you dear readers a fresh look (and, heck, even a few things you’ve seen before that are still the talk of the convention) at the madness, mania, and magic of Comic-Con.

After the break, check out a look at Jem stuff, My Little Pony stuff, more Batmobiles than you can shake a stick at, comic books (live! and in person!), members of the Science Patrol from Ultraman taking a coffee break, and even yours truly with a Care Bear (because of course). We also got an up close and personal look at the new Iron Man suit for Iron Man 3, which you can check out in the gallery, though you might want to also take a peek over at Neil’s in-depth look at Marvel and the suit.

Oh, Hall of Armor! Oh, new Iron Man suit! Ohhhh!

Dark Helmet with a big fan. Not as big as his helmet, though.

Your faithful reporter with a Care Bear!

Pee-Wee Herman at The Walking Dead booth. Classic.

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