Comic-Con 2012: Miyazaki Fans, Meet Your Cuddly New Best Friends

By  · Published on July 11th, 2012

Arguably the biggest and best part of Comic-Con, the Exhibition Hall offers a mind-boggling 460,000 square feet of exhibition space, featuring all manner of items for sale to the ‘con-going masses, a true example of something for everyone (ball-jointed doll collectors, gather ‘round!). Seeing everything is impossible (and so is buying everything ), but there are also tons of affordable (and adorable) items worth seeking out – stuff like Hooked Hands’ incredibly cute knit dolls. Hooked Hands’ own Giovanna Forsyth knits every doll herself, with an eye to crafting little knit cuties with a major pop culture bent. Hooked Hands is returning to the Giant Robot booth at Comic-Con this year, offering up a Hayao Miyazaki-inspired line that includes Totoros, Kikis, and Ponyos.

The Hooked Hands Etsy shop also includes a ton of other geek-friendly dolls, including Yoda, Spock, Dr. Who, Batman, The Joker, Captain America, and even Fraggle Rock. Not finding exactly what you like? Feel free to shoot them an email to discuss your own individual creation, brought to life in glorious yarn!

If you’re at Comic-Con and looking to pick up your very own Hooked Hands creation, be sure to get to the Giant Robot booth (#1729) post-haste, as the dolls sold out last year! Check out a closer look at some of the available items after the break.

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