Comic-Con 2012: A Gallery of Cool Things We Found on Thursday!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve got like 610,000 words in this article, without actually typing any words! Ain’t the internet the greatest?

Take a peek at what we thought was the coolest stuff around on Thursday and then dive into our expanded gallery! Above: Some characters from Hotel Transylvania. We found these two weirdos wandering around the floor and had to say hi. The Mummy is looking pretty righteous!

Batteries Not Included

How awesome are these little dudes?

Sideshow Collectibles

When are these guys not impressive? Never. That’s a double negative.

The New Ninja Turtles

I can’t say I’m a fan of the boxier designs.

Total Recall Cops

These guys look badass.

The Walking Dead

This is going to be part of the Walking Dead Escape run over at PetCo Park. Blood is always good.

Zombie Girl

I’d hit it. NO DOUBT.

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