Comic-Con 2008: Cue the Music, The Show’s Over…

Comic-Con Coverage Recap

As you have probably already noticed, our coverage of Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego spilled over well into the following week. And now, a full 7 days removed from the heart of the event, we are finally bringing our coverage to a close. As it is with every event we do around here, it is a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, by the end of the event we were all tired, worn down from long days and sleepless nights, transcribing interviews and trying to dig news out of sometimes extremely news-less press conferences. But we made it, all together. And for the most part — at least in my mind — we delivered some damn good coverage. 

Yes, thanks to the hard work of Brian Gibson, Cole Abaius, Robert Fure, Rob Hunter, Kevin Carr and Cody Miller, otherwise known as our Comic-Con Attack Squad, I’d say we gave you what we set out to give you, some of the best damn Comic-Con coverage on the web. Seriously, these fine gentlemen worked their asses off to make Comic-Con 2008 our best event in the history of FSR. Then again, I’m a little biased. It’s my nature.

On the final night of the Con we headed out to dinner with the entire team in tact (with the exception of Rob Hunter, who had to leave earlier in the day). And as luck would have it, the person planning the operation picked a quaint little restaurant in downtown San Diego, a little steakhouse that didn’t seem like much of a challenge. So there we joined our friends from,,, and our own Kevin Kelly (who was covering the even for to have a nice meal. And as “the boss,” I was going to get stuck with the check.

The only problem was that after perusing the menu a bit, we decided that any establishment that sells $27 meat loaf that doesn’t even come with a side order of mashed potatoes must be out of their mind. So we ordered some appetizers (one single crab cake went for $15, but it was delicious), socialized with the good people of the movie blogosphere and headed out early. And in true Reject fashion, we stopped to pick up some pizza, some beer and some cigars on our way back to the hotel to get some work done. In the end, the Rejects conquered Comic-Con… We laid down the law in the land of the Geek. Or at least, we hope so. Either way we got some great pictures, including the following candid shots from our final victory dinner:

Brian Gibson and Kevin Carr
Brian Gibson and Kevin Carr

Kevin Carr and Robert Fure
Kevin and the Robert Fure

Cole Abaius and Cody Miller
Cole Abaius and Cody Miller

Neil Miller and Cole Abaius
That’s me… Probably still working… Okay, maybe not…

The Comic-Con 2008 gang
A room full of movie geeks… A truly dangerous and altogether wonderful thing.

And finally, one last treat from our Comic-Con 2008 arsenal. This is a little video that the FSR team has been waiting for since we left San Diego. The following video is the gag reel from all of the footage that was shot. And just like any good B-movie, you won’t believe how it ends…

[flv: 520 390]

This video is also available on Daily Motion and YouTube. Feel free to spread the love.

Until next year, you stay classy, San Diego…

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