Comic Book Creator Kaare Andrews to Direct ‘Cabin Fever’ Prequel

Everybody remembers the 2002 horror film Cabin Fever; it was the movie that made you fall either in love or hate with Eli Roth. And it was a movie about a bunch of kids in a cabin who get stricken with a very violent and rapidly spreading flesh-eating virus. That’s all well and good, but have you ever felt like the original Cabin Fever was just scratching the surface of what the disease-ridden world it created had to offer? No? Well, somebody did, and that’s why there’s a prequel in the works.

Sure, watching a bunch of attractive young people get eaten alive by a gruesome disease is fun times, but haven’t you ever wondered what really made that virus tick? Where did it come from, and what was its motivation? Jake Wade Wall (The Hitcher) has written a script entitled Cabin in the Woods: Patient Zero that’s sure to answer all of these burning questions and more. It tells the tale of a Caribbean cruise that runs aground on a research island. One can only assume that the thing being researched there is horrible diseases, because soon after the shipwreck, the passengers of said ship find themselves falling ill and fighting for survival. It kind of sounds like a cross between the original film and Lost, which is a concept that probably has some box office potential.

Don’t expect Roth himself to be back to direct, however; the Bear Jew is always moving forward, never backward, so producers are looking to hire a hot new talent to come on board. According to Heat Vision, said talent is likely to be comic book writer/artist Kaare Andrews, who recently went from penning titles like “The Incredible Hulk” and “Ultimate X-Men” to transitioning into the world of film directing with a supernatural horror title called Altitude. Apparently he’s been making Super 8 films ever since he was a little kid, so a transition from comics to film isn’t necessarily as drastic as it may seem.

There’s even more good news for fans of diseases here, as well. Not only will we be getting a revealing look at the origins of the flesh eating disease in Patient Zero, but if this film does well we’ll probably also be getting a look at what the disease has been up to lately. There are already plans to transition this film into a sequel, Cabin Fever: Outbreak, so get your hand sanitizer and your biohazard suits ready, it sounds like it’s going to be a long ride.

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