‘Come Out and Play’ Trailer Aims to Turn Your Children Against You

Makinov's Come Out and Play

Modern horror movies have made a ton of money working off the assumption that little kids are creepy. What would happen, then, if an entire town’s worth of the little shits suddenly became murderous and started attacking respectable, fully-grown folk in their own homes? This is the question that Come Out and Play, the new horror film from the mysterious and masked director known only as Makinov, asks and explores.

The basic story here is that a young married couple played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Vinessa Shaw travel by boat to a beautiful and secluded island, only to find that something has gone terribly wrong with the small town on said island once they get there. The streets are deserted, other than a creepy little kid or two peeking around a corner every once in a while, and no one seems to be in charge of anything. Answers finally come when they see a pack of unruly adolescents hogtie a person and smash their head with a rock. Yikes.

Of course, as you can see in the film’s new trailer, Shaw’s character is dealing with all of these troubling developments while being quite a bit pregnant. It can’t help but beg the question, is whatever’s going on in this town going to turn her unborn child against her? Will a feral fetus try to scratch and claw its way through her insides and to freedom? Ah, the promise of horrible things that might be.

You can find out how this thing plays out for yourself when it hits select theaters starting March 22. [Apple]

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