College Movie Trailer – Superbad Meets Porky’s? I Think Not…

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As you can probably gather from the title of this article above, I am about to spew some pessimism all over the upcoming comedy College. But before I get to that, I would like to submit this as the film’s marketing copy:

From two writers who have never had a script become an actual film and a director who has never made a film longer than 15 minutes comes College, a comedy that wishes it had Judd Apatow in its corner.

Alright, so maybe that is a little harsh. College actually looks like it could be funny, but probably won’t be due to its National Lampoon-esque feel (and I do mean the new National Lampoon stuff) and its obvious borrowing of courage from films such as Superbad and Porky’s. It is Animal House meets PCU meets the kids from Drillbit Taylor, with a dash of Waiting in there, but only because it is from the same producers — which you can easily see, as it is touted in the trailer. And I’m sorry, but “From the Producers of Waiting” is almost as bad as “From 2 of the 4 Writers of Scary Movie“. And we all remember how that turned out.

College hits theaters on August 29th.

But that is just my opinion. I could be wrong. Please feel free to illuminate my wrongness in the sound off section below.

View the College trailer in High Definition over at Yahoo!

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