Colin Farrell’s ‘True Detective’ Negotiations Follow the Series’ Proud Tradition of Being Confusing…

By  · Published on July 11th, 2014

Colin Farrell’s ‘True Detective’ Negotiations Follow the Series’ Proud Tradition of Being Confusing as All Hell

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Would the word “Carcosa” sound cooler when spoken in an Irish brogue?

I guess it doesn’t really matter. Because while Colin Farrell might be in talks for True Detective, the second season has been confirmed for a California setting. So unless creator Nic Pizzolatto was writing the series with an Irishman in mind, chances are Farrell will have to put on his best American accent for this one. Also, that whole Carcosa thing is over and done with, so there’s really no earthly reason for Farrell to be putting those syllables in that order.

But yes, the announement is official. Colin Farrell. True Detective. In talks. In a story broken by Deadline, we have the first big piece of news for the HBO series’ second season (Sorry William Friedkin, but unless you’re willing to make your directing gig on the season official, Farrell wins the “first big news” statuette). And like anything and everything relating to True Detective, this news is shrouded in a veil of secrecy so thick you’d need a machete to hack through it.

Because according to Deadline, the show will have three leads, with Farrell playing one of them. And three detectives is roughly in line with what Pizzolatto told Entertainment Weekly a couple of weeks ago: three leads, and he’s “deeply in love with each of them” (weird). But that definitely does not jive with what another outlet was saying, mere hours after Pizzolatto came clean. According to what The Wrap tweeted, True Detective will have just one lead for season two. And then two co-stars lagging in a tie for second.

But at least everyone’s got the number right. Except, of course, for Pizzolatto, who in conversing with The Daily Beast said something along the lines of “whoops my bad actually there are four characters” (read his much more articulate statement here).

So now Pizzolatto is in direct conflict with Deadline. Also, it should probably be mentioned that when The Daily Beast asked Pizzolatto if casting had begun, Pizzolatto replied with a very open-ended, easily misinterpret-able “no.” Which is fine, except that Deadline claims that Farrell is “deep in negotiations.” So between yesterday (there’s no disclaimer on the Daily Beast piece about how the interview was conducted weeks ago, so we can assume it’s fairly fresh) and today, we’ve gone from no casting to deep casting.

Whatever, it’s probably not worth thinking any more about this. We have True Detective news to celebrate. Farrell is in talks, and the series will have some number of characters in it. And maybe this confusion can be chalked up to Pizzolatto being momentarily distracted, having suddenly seen a vision of a swirling cosmic void that distracted him from the six separate news outlets all approaching him with hatchets.