Clown Travel Agency Takes You Around the World — The Dark Knight Viral Campaign Rolls On

Clown Travel Agency

Happy April Fool’s Day, Dark Knight fans — as you may or may not have already seen, the Clown Travel Agency has updated its website and sent its crazy minions (all of you) on a wild goose chase or two, scouring the world for more clues as to where The Joker might make his next appearance. In reality, all the rest of us want to know is when we are going to get the next trailer — but shadow games are fun too, I suppose.

For those who haven’t seen, the envelope pictured above lists locations all over the world where Gothamites can go and retrieve a Joker Bowling Ball, which has a phone number inscribed in it. As well, there is another smart mobile phone and a Joker card. One reader sent word to our friends at Superhero Hype earlier today:

I contacted the Tavistock Hotel, but I was too late, however they gave me some info on the package. Someone collected it and inside was a bowling ball, and a nifty smart mobile phone. On the ball was a mobile phone number etched on it. He rang the number apaprently and was told they now knew who he was and to await further instructions.

As well, has been updated with news that Harvey Dent will be holding a Townhall Meeting Today, April 1 at 3pm (timezone undisclosed) at Gotham Community Center #12, Gainley. That leads us to believe that we should be keeping an eye on that site.

Quite a few people are predicting that somewhere in this mess of viral marketing, a second trailer will emerge. But I have my doubts. Although, it is almost 3pm here on the East Coast — so we shall see.

Update #1: Frosty from Collider just sent word of pictures from The Joker’s Bag that was found in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Check it out here.