Cloverfield DVD Giveaway: The Cloverfield Monster on Your TV!

That crazy, still somewhat mysterious Cloverfield monster is on the verge of attacking the fine denizens of New York once again, this time on DVD. And considering the fact that so many of you saw it when it made its theatrical run, it is safe to assume that you are interested in checking it out again.

But we also know how much you despise paying for DVDs. Like us, you would much rather get your DVDs for FREE. This leaves you with two choices: start your own major movie website and try to convince studios to send you goodies, or enter our contest. Trust us, your chances are better with the second option.

In celebration of its DVD release on April 22nd, we have scored three (3) copies of Cloverfield on DVD to offer up to our readers. All you have to do is be a subscriber to our Daily Email Updates, powered by Feedburner. As a subscriber, you will enjoy a daily email wake-up call with the latest movie news and reviews, all delivered with the uncensored brilliance of the Film School Rejects.

If you are already a subscriber, you are automatically entered. If not, use the form below to get yourself in on the action. Once you have signed up and activated your subscription, you will be automatically entered into this and any other future giveaways.

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