‘Cleopatra’ is Wooing David Fincher

The historical biopic based on a best selling book “Cleopatra: A Life” has had Angelina Jolie set to star for a while now, but it has yet to find a director. First it was rumored that James Cameron was going to direct, but then he committed to doing Avatar sequels instead. Then it looked like Paul Greengrass might come on board, but he wound up going off to do Memphis. Maybe the problem Cleopatra is having is that her standards are too high. Instead of only going after the biggest directors in Hollywood, she just needs to get out there and start dating.

The big problem standing in the way is that Angelina Jolie reportedly has quite a bit of say-so that goes along with her attachment to the film, and she is very particular about who she wants directing. I mean, just look at her filmography and you can tell that she only works with the best. This lady does top notch stuff. Who knows what The Tourist would have looked like if she didn’t hold out for the most talented people in the business to sign on?

Jolie’s eye for talent has now looked toward The Social Network director David Fincher. He has had talks about the possibility of taking on the project, but it is questionable if his schedule will allow for it. Famously, his next project is the English language version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and with that film comes two sequels. And in addition to this, he is also involved with a new version of Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. If Disney has their teeth in Fincher, I would imagine there’s no way they are going to let him go. Those people are vicious. No, Jolie may need to start looking in a different direction for her historical epic. If the usual pattern of the director rumor mill is maintained, probably we will be hearing next that Darren Aronofsky is taking a look at directing. Those will be heady days.

Source: Deadline Abu Qir

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