Cinema 2009: The Ultimate Montage

By  · Published on December 25th, 2009

The year is about over. In fact, on Sunday when we at FSR return from our little mini-vacation, we will spend an entire week breaking down the year that was, tearing it to pieces and trying to put it back together again with our 2009 Year in Review. It should be fun – and we can’t wait to bring it to your browser, RSS feed, iPhone or back-alley print-out soon.

But before we get to that – and due to the fact that its Christmas Eve and I’m a little nog’d up as I push through the final posts before I sleep for two straight days – I thought I would offer up something simple, and at the same time simply astonishing. It is called Cinema 2009, and its a 7-minute long trailer by Kees van Dijkhuizen. You may remember him as the guy who delivered the wildly popular 2008: A Tribute to Movies. This year he’s back with another montage that is bigger, longer and includes more of the films we saw in ’09. Here’s the official description:

1 Year, 342 Movies, 12 Months of Production, 7 Minutes.
2009 proved that innovation is rewarded, and for that reason, I’ve decided no film should be left behind. I’ve nearly tripled the amount of footage used in 2008: A Tribute To The Movies.

And the video:

For those wondering about the music played in the trailer, here’s the list:

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