Chris Noth Makes it Big as a Sugar Daddy

While Chris Noth has made it Big on the small screen, he’s just getting started on the big screen. With the feature release Sex and the City now under his belt and ready to hit theaters, he’s looking to new, but not terribly different, roles.

According to, Noth has been tapped to play Renée Zellweger’s sugar daddy in My One and Only. The film follows a rich and retired doctor who takes Zellweger’s character under his wing, keeping her to the lifestyle she – and her children – expect. Oddly enough, the premise comes from a story that actor George Hamilton once told Merv Griffin.

And you thought Merv Griffin was gone. But apparently the late media mogul didn’t just create hit game shows like Jeopardy while he was alive; he’s contributing to scripts from beyond the grave.

The 53-year-old Noth and 39-year-old Zellweger – along with Logan Lerman, Robin Weigert and Molly C. Quinn – will be directed by Richard Loncraine, who most recently gave us Wimbledon (2004) and Firewall (2006). Hmmm… It’s a good bet that Paul Bettany’s going to show up in this one too, don’t you think?


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