‘Chinatown’ Screenwriter Headed to ‘Mad Men’

Robert Towne

According to Variety, Robert Towne will be adding his Oscar pedigree to Mad Men for its final-two-seasons-that-they-are-calling-one-split-season. It’s an excellent merger of sensibilities, especially since it sees a guy who worked in television in the 60s writing for television set in the 60s.

Towne’s accomplishment with Chinatown and his subsequent Oscar win have overshadowed an interesting career with three other Oscar nominations along the way, although his mainstream work tapered off after Mission: Impossible and its sequel in 2000. He’ll act as consulting producer for the show.

Admittedly, it’s tough to tell if this is a great idea in practice, a great idea in theory, or if it’s just cool. On the other hand, since the show is practically fueled by cool, even that option seems largely viable. At any rate, we’re getting more writing from Towne, and that’s something to celebrate. And I wrote this all without quoting Chinatown. You’re welcome.

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