Children Swearing, Vomit Flying: It’s the Fantastic Fest Film Rip-Off Bumpers

By  · Published on September 18th, 2015

True to its nature, Fantastic Fest plays inventive, wacky, disturbing bumpers before all of the inventive, wacky, disturbing genre films that it screens. It’s a great way to get everyone in the crowd hyped up while giving a platform to other filmmakers (usually aspiring/local). This year’s full lineup is a thing of terrifying beauty (which is why I’m sick to my stomach about not being able to go), and they’ve found an excellent way to tie all of their 30-second bumpers together, too.

They held an open competition where filmmakers were challenged to recreate iconic scenes using only actors who were younger than 12 or older than 65. That’s why a lot of the entries featured children saying Fuck, and why Joe Nicolosi decided to make a bunch of toddlers cry for his Lumetic vision.

Birth Movies Death has announced the winners, and you can watch them all here:

OLDBIRD by Ryan Gates (Audience Favorite)

The Exoorcist by Dan Koontz

The Graduate in 30 Seconds by Mauriece Jacks Jr.

The Jury by Joe Nicolosi

Macaron by Matthew Gary

Nicolosi, you bastard.

For those gearing up for Fantastic Fest (9/24–10/1), this should give you a taste of what you have in store. For those who aren’t going, this should let you know .01% of the madness you’re missing.

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