Cher’s Manager Talks About Ridiculous Catwoman Rumor

Cher’s in the news again (take that, Madonna! POW!) rumored to be considered for the juicily sexy role of Catwoman opposite Christian Bale in the next Batman. Is it true? Maybe yes, maybe no. Will we see Cher’s buns of steel undulating at The Caped Crusader? Will it be Cher wielding a black whip? Will they be Cher’s eyes squinting menacingly through the mask at Batman?

Telegraph U.K. writes, “Cher has been lined up to star in the next Batman movie…”

But in its never-ending quest for accuracy, FSR checked with Cher’s manager who said this morning that while “Chris Nolan may have said he’d like to get [Cher] for the role, no offer is out yet.”

Telegraph also quoted an unnamed studio executive as saying:

“Cher is Nolan’s first choice to play Catwoman. He wants to her to portray her like a vamp in her twilight years. The new Catwoman will be the absolute opposite of [former Cat Women] Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry’s purring creations.”

“I would LOVE nothing more than for Cher to play Catwoman,” said her manager Risa Shapiro in this morning’s phone interview. “She’d be great. She’s one of the most extraordinary women anyone could ever meet. But I haven’t received any phone call about this, and hadn’t even heard about it .” (Until FSR brought it to her attention.) I think I’ll call Chris Nolan and find out what’s going on.” We suspect there may be a little roiling of the Bat stew when Nolan and Shapiro talk.

If there’s one thing FSR is good at, it’s stirring up the pot, all in the name of movies.

Should shape-shifting Cher win this role, we can claim having had a small part in the casting chain. Otherwise, we have succeeded in furthering another ridiculous casting rumor.

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