Chace Crawford Puts on Sunday Shoes for ‘Footloose’

I think everyone knows how excited we get for remakes around here. Not very. But they don’t make the original film disappear or anything, so it probably shouldn’t be all that big a deal. Especially for something like a remake of Footloose which was basically a long, slow build up to a music video.

But with the new casting announcement, we’ll get to see a cultural battle of the tweens over which heartthrob they are staying loyal to. Efron vs. Crawford. Someone will have to let me know how the fight turns out because they look exactly the same to me.

You guessed it (from the headline probably), Variety is reporting that Chace Crawford from “Gossip Girl” fame is going to be stepping into the role that Kevin Bacon made famous and Zac Efron turned down. I’m not quite sure whether the film will be different in any degree besides the fact that Efron seems to have a sense of humor and Crawford appears to be perma-botoxed.

I’m more curious to figure out if they are going to set the film in the 1980s or try and find a tiny town in Texas that still doesn’t allow dancing.

What do you think? Don’t tell the kids they can’t dance! They’re gonna dance, damnit!

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