Casting News Galore: Shia in ‘Indy 4’, Christina Ricci in ‘Speed Racer’

The film blogosphere is turning today, turning on some hot casting news. Let’s get right down to it…

Shia LaBeouf confirmed for Indy 4 [Source: /Film]

The first major bit comes from the “official” confirmation of Shia Labeouf for Indiana Jones 4. Of course the announcement comes on the heels of Disturbia‘s release, but we can’t fault Hollywood publicists for doing their job. No particular part has been confirmed for LaBeouf, but the overwhelming rumor that he will show up as Indy’s son still stands.

Christina Ricci to play Trixie in Speed Racer [Source:]

On the heels of Emile Hirsch being cast as the lead in the upcoming Watchowski Brothers’ adaptation of Speed Racer is the announcement that Christina Ricci will show up as Speed Racer’s girlfriend Trixie. Coincidentally, a video popped up on YouTube yesterday with Christina Ricci talking about the casting news. You can view it below:

Here is the question for the Reject Nation: Do you think these two will work in these flicks? I for one, think Shia will do alright (I was impressed with Disturbia) but I am not sold on Christina Ricci in Speed Racer. But then again, I am not completely sold on a G Rated Wachowski Bros. flick in the first place. We shall see…

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