Cary Fukunaga Going For Horror in ‘Jane Eyre’ Trailer

This isn’t what I expected Jane Eyre to look like. This may be from my own ignorance of not having read Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel, but where’s the standard period piece fluff? To my (great) surprise, director Cary Fukunaga is bringing Jane Eyre more into the suspense and supernatural world; the eerie score from Suspiria makes this a dead giveaway.

This doesn’t look like the usual period piece we get, and having the director of Sin Nombre makes that no shock. Fukunaga seemed like an odd choice for Eyre, but it’s now apparent the strange pick was for the better.

It’ll be nice to see a classical adaptation not blatantly going for Oscars with a 1,000 sweeping shots and total melodrama, and it looks like we won’t get that. Hopefully the film lives up to this small taste and delivers on the dark and creepy atmosphere it’s leading on here, especially with those cool, black-filled Michael Fassbender eyes. We don’t see that often…

Jane Eyre opens in theaters on March 11th, 2011.

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