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Carrie Coon Continues to Rule Prestige TV With ‘The Sinner’

In addition to starring in Season 2 of the hit USA drama, Carrie Coon is also continuing a path to movie stardom.
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By  · Published on May 8th, 2018

In addition to starring in Season 2 of the hit USA drama, Carrie Coon is also continuing a path to movie stardom.

Carrie Coon is no stranger to prestige TV. Last year, she starred in both The Leftovers and Fargo, two of the most critically adored series of 2017. Her performances earned her heaps of accolades, including her first Emmy nomination, and cemented her as one of the best actresses on the small screen. Now, after taking a brief hiatus to welcome her first child, Coon is back and ready to reclaim her prestige TV throne.

Coon is slated to star in the second season of the hit USA drama series The SinnerShe follows Jessica Biel as the show’s new complicated, enigmatic frontwoman. Though Biel will not be returning to her on screen role, she will continue to executive produce the program.

Although intended to be a limited series, The Sinner earned a second season thanks to stellar ratings and reviews. The first season, which USA described as “close-ended,” finished on a conclusive but fairly controversial note. Season 2’s Coon-led storyline could be a refreshing restart, especially for viewers who found the Season 1 finale to be disappointing.

The new season will follow a similar “whydunnit” mystery structure, with Bill Pullman returning as Detective Harry Ambrose. According to Entertainment Weekly, Season 2 begins in the aftermath of the Cora Tannetti case, as Ambrose returns to his rural New York hometown “to investigate a new, gruesome crime: parents murdered by their 11-year-old son, with no apparent motive.” Biel posted a brief teaser on Instagram earlier this week.

In the new season, Coon will play Vera, whom Deadline describes as “a formidable, mysterious woman who struggles between upholding the ideals of the community she leads and fulfilling her own desires.” A conflicted, complicated woman? Sounds like a part tailor-made for Carrie Coon. With this juicy role to sink her teeth into, she is the ideal star to hit the reset button on The Sinner. 

A new lead role in a hit drama series is just one of many exciting, star-making projects Coon has planned or under her belt for 2018. She’s already having a great year with roles in the recent movies The Post (released at the end of 2017) and Avengers: Infinity War. , in which she can be heard as one of Thanos’s henchmen.

The first trailer for Kinher latest foray into sci-fi, dropped recently with a tease of her next venture on the big screen. Starring alongside Dennis Quaid and James Franco, Coon plays a federal agent in hot pursuit of an ex-con and his adopted teenage brother after they get their hands on a mysterious weapon.

Coon will be also soon be joining Jude Law in Sean Durkin’s The Nest. The Martha Marcy May Marlene director’s newest film will be “part psychological thriller, part family drama,” in which a couple’s marriage disintegrates after they relocate from an American suburb to London. High intensity emotion is Coon’s bread and butter (need I remind you of that heartbreaking Leftovers scene? Yeah, you know the one), so this could prove to be Coon’s much deserved big break in film.

It’s fair to say Coon is stealthily making her way onto the silver screen, as she’s racking up an impressive collection of film roles. But with her upcoming star turn on The Sinner, the once stage-focused actress isn’t forgetting her subsequent roots on the small screen. The King Midas of television, Coon turns every show she’s on to critical gold, and The Sinner will surely be better for having her. Though she’s wading into film, 2018 will surely see Carrie Coon continue to make television a better, more beautiful place — and hopefully she’ll even snag the Emmy she rightfully deserves.

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