Californication 3.3 Review — Verities & Balderdash

Californication airs Sunday night at 10pm on Showtime.

3.3 Verities & Balderdash

Synopsis: Professor Moody and daughter Becca head out to the annual English Department Fall Mixer at Dean Koons’s house and things go marginally better than one would expect. Consummate lady-consumer Hank attempts to set himself up for the triple play by making advances on student Jackie, sharing a moment with boss Felicia Koons, and teaching teacher’s aide Jill how to cope with relationships the Moody way.

Review: Bravo. Bravo. No, not the network. The accolade. This most recent episode of the show was fantastic. It’s absolutely everything you want from Hank Moody. He is at times brash and at times sensitive, or at least putting on airs to make some headway with a lady. We’re treated to a most excellent sequence of stripper-student Jackie shaking her money makers, a most welcome site that Hank provides delightful color commentary for. At the party, Hank manages to not ruin anything or totally offend anyone, which is surprising. He also, unsurprisingly, manages to score some poontang, which is what we expect of that dastardly fellow.

One strange tidbit though – at the end of last weeks episode Hank and Becca shared some most unloving remarks to each other and absolutely nothing was made of it this episode. It’s strange that there was no aftershock, though I can’t say I’m sad to see it missing. My preferred Californication is all about Hank and the latter part of the title (fornication, duh), as well as some snappy, witty remarks and banter. I’m not turning in for lovey-dovey family shit. Karen was again mostly absent and again I’m not missing it. The Runkle situation has improved somewhat as he signs singer-actor Rick Springfield, makes a questionable dip into the employee pool, and still sets his sights on Marcy, who’s anti-Charlie resolve seems to be dwindling.

This was a good episode with some quintessential Moody moments. Wisely this season the show has managed to figure out a direction they could take for several seasons – Hank as a professor. Season one was all about catching Karen, while season two was all about trying to keep her. There is only so much you can do with that type of plotting and thankfully it’s been ejected and we’re on a path that I would love to see play out for several seasons.

Coming Up: Hank and Becca go shopping where Becca tries to upgrade her look and Hank looks like he wants a crack at the triple-play of Jill-Jackie-Felicia. Sexy times!

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