‘Byzantium’ Trailer Introduces the Idea of Vampires With Coke Nails


If you’re anywhere near being a vampire fanatic, then chances are pretty good you know who Neil Jordan is, because he’s the guy who directed Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the adaptation of Anne Rice’s famous vampire story Interview with the Vampire. Well, it turns out Jordan must have developed a taste for those who have a taste for human blood, because his latest film, Byzantium, is also about undead bloodsuckers.

Perhaps even more important than what it’s about though is the fact that Byzantium is a gorgeously shot epic that stars Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton. This is important because Ronan is clearly one of the strongest young actors working, and Arterton could possibly be as well, although I’ve only seen her in mostly terrible movies, but she sure is pretty though, and, oh – just go watch the trailer. It’s got vampires that kill people with coke nails.

There you go – evocative imagery, repressed passions, monsters who drink blood – on paper Byzantium has everything. And now that it’s toured the festival circuit and dipped its toes into some European markets, it’s ready to open in the States. Folk here can check it out starting on June 28.

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